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Just as in any new activity we are learning, it takes time to develop the habits and strength needed to grow in our new endeavor. The same is true with the art of meditation.

With meditation, we are learning to still our body, shut out the world, and still the mind. These are new exercises, and it takes time to develop new habits.

Here are some tips for your meditation practice.

* Try to meditate at the same time each day. Early in the morning after you have rested is best before you begin the day.

* Find a spot and sit in the same place every time you meditate. Make this a sacred place, a place of prayer.

* Meditate when you are wide-awake and do not meditate on a full stomach as this may cause you to be sleepy.

* Set a spiritual atmosphere before meditation by reading from the scriptures, singing a spiritual song, saying a prayer or poem. Try to put yourself in the mood of devotion and longing for God.

* Sit with all humility knowing that it is God's will to bless you with divine experiences.
* Start with shorter sittings and build to a half hour, an hour, and eventually two or more hours.

* Leading an ethical life creates the conditions conducive to meditation.

* The number one helping factor in developing one's spiritual practices is the guidance of a living, spiritual Master, one who has completed the course of meditation and who is competent to give direction along the way.

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